In a post-Hillary Clinton America, what's a relatively self possessed, modern day feminist to do? A recent article on Bloomberg Businessweek exploring the new and fast-growing trend of female-only spaces seems to have pegged one such response. 

One must wonder, are the co-ed coworking likes of clubs such as Soho House, Ludlow House, Bkln Commons, WeWork, and more no longer attracting the successful, decidedly anti-having it all set? Well, with gaggles of women opting for more boutique, niche, gendered spaces to call their own - that may just be the case.

Does this mark a new movement of some socially acceptable version of separate but equal? Or, is this perhaps a new doctrine? A doctrine aesthetically, superficially, and dare I say in some cases indulgently concerned - a doctrine of separate but better? 

Are co-ed environments no longer enabling either gender to be their best self? Granted I myself am a dying breed, having gone to an all-women's college (gasp), but hey, no harm in asking - if we're all leaning in together, how long until we fall over?

Let's take a look at the top three lady-loving spots in New York to have gathered a following.

[Photo via @thewing]