Is Julia Allison Obsessed With Blair Waldorf, Or Olivia Palermo?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · October 2, 2008

    Is that Olivia Palermo, Blair Waldorf, or Julia Allison?

    Silly Julia, Blair's outfits are for Olivia! There is room for only one true Blair Waldorf look-a-like in this city, and that honor has already been bestowed upon Olivia Palermo, the real life Gossip Girl.  It seems, however, that nonsociety co-founder Julia Allison has all of a sudden been inspired by the social socialites.

    "What can I say?  I was inspired" - Julia Allison

    So what exactly does this mean?  This statement creates more questions than answers.  Which person in particular inspired you?  Was it Blair, or Olivia?  (We have a strong suspicion that it was Olivia).  And how exactly does this fit into you're whole "nonsociety" rap?  We never really have understood the name of your site, but perhaps someday you will shed light and clarity on the situation.  xoxo -Gossip Girl