Olivia Palermo Shows Us How NYC Fashion Week Is Done

by Rachelle Hruska · February 19, 2009

    The Hair! The Skin! The picture perfect poses!  Do you think YOU have what it takes to be the next hit reality star?  Well, take it from us, you probably don't.  However, if you are truly set on it, our advice would be to study up on our number one subject: Olivia Palermo (pictured at left).  She has, in less than 5 years, gone from a nobody, to the cover of NYMag as a leading "socialite", to a reality star on MTV.  And if you'd be insane to think she would even CONSIDER sitting a fashion week out.  Obviously the girl looked flawless at ever show we saw her at (the one at left is from Mulberry's).  Click below to see some of her photos over the last week. (If PMc were Gawker, she'd be it's official Julia Allison).

    [How to Become A Socialite]

    Let's take a look at Olivia over the last week:

    [With Giorgio Armani at his store celebration]

    [At DVF Show]

    [At Frank Tell]

    [At Jason Wu]

    [At Philosophy Show]

    [At Rachel Roy]