A Floral Occasion: The Frick Collection's Summer Garden Party

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · July 16, 2010

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    Balmy summer nights are made for garden parties, beautifully dressed people, and the consumption of far too many fruity cocktails. Held in the Frick Collection's pristine green Fifth Avenue garden and historic stone building, the party seemed to hark back to the golden age of Fitzgerald and the decadent lifestyles of his characters.-

    Women were dressed in a rainbow of brightly colored dresses, looking like a veritable bouquet of flowers. True to form, some more daring fashionistas donned an array of eccentric headwear, from oversized rosettes, to over-the-top, Ascot-worthy hats. Their dashing counterparts were kitted out as well in Gatsby-esque duds, sporting preppy bowties and snappy suits.

    From art patrons to NY social fixtures, the guest list was an eclectic bunch of young and old. Guests danced lightheartedly to a live jazz band on the stone patio, snacked on light canapes, and mingled at the kitschy hot pink tables dotting the lawn. A new exhibition about the history of the museum was also open for viewing. Revelry wasn't entirely hedonistic, for all proceeds for the event went towards supporting the Frick's many programs.

    The alcohol was flowing, the music reverberating, the people dancing... just your average backyard kegger... Except with impeccably dressed guests and loads of luxe.