Aces For Will Cotton's Sweet Pajama Launch

by GLORIA SUHR · November 19, 2009

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    Last night, Ace Hotel hosted a sugary boudoir themed party for artist Will Cotton's new line of pajamas.  Among the notable guests and hosts were Terence Koh Arden Wohl,  Kristian Laliberte, Carol Han, Alex Calderwood of Ace Hotel, and Anne Pasternak.-

    The pajamas were for Creative Time artist edition and produced by Exquisite Apparel in conjunction with Phillips-Van Heusen.  The party, coordinated by Creative Time naturally, was themed in the likeness of Will Cotton's work fusing his love of all things sweet with all things sexy boudoir related; let's just say it had that certain je ne sais quois. With feather boas handed out in soothing bedroom pinks and blues, a mirrored photo booth for patrons to capture their pj love in, bartenders uniformed in striped button down pjs, and ladies and some gentlemen scantily clad in sexy silky bedroom attire, this was definitely one slumber party not to be forgotten.

    the slumber partyAlong with aforementioned boudoir motifs, the Breslin made sure to pay their homage to the art of the slumber party as well as Will Cotton's work with their signature cocktails (with such names as "a hot mess", and "the bitter flower") and midnight-themed snacks like mini sliders, chicken fingers, and all your other favorite late-night diner finds.  Tables placed all around the venue presented bowls holding mini bags of classic slumber party goodies such as pork rinds, caramel popcorn, and spiced nuts.  But the piece du resistance, which was somewhat nostalgic to your favorite childhood sleepovers, was a centerpiece table that stretched from one side of the room to the other lined with endless sweets that brought Will Cotton's work to life.  The rustic wooden table decorated with lace, sugared beads, crystals, and tree branches topped with mini cupcakes, chantilly cookies, macaroons in every color under the sun, mini merengues, sugar cones, and every pastel colored dessert one could think of would have done even Marie Antoinette's level of decadence justice.


    the slumber party

    Ace Hotel was the perfect venue to house all of the slumber party madness with its wooden 3-D bookcase walls, huge studded arm chairs that were reminiscent of your friend's dad's study that was off limits during sleepovers. Kristian Laliberte ,who attended the event because he's friend with the founder of Ace Hotel and says of the venue:  "it's where you can find people who aren't just there to get a free drink". More photos below...

    [Additional photos by Nick Hunt for PMc].

    Carol Han, Kristian Laliberte                            Laura Kirar, Tori Golub

    Anne Pasternak, Will Cotton, Katzy Guy-Hamilton

    the slumber party

    Lisa Anastos

    the slumber party

    the slumber party the slumber party