Book Release Celebrates ABT and Lucia Chase

by CATHERINE PERIDIS · December 11, 2009

    Last night the American Ballet Theater celebrated the release of Alex Ewing's book on his prima ballerina mother, "Bravura!: Lucia Chase & the American Ballet Theatre."[all photos by Amber de Vos for PMc].The event was held at handbag and accessories store VBH and included a book signing and cocktail reception. The book is a fascinating tale of a woman who made and defined the American Ballet Theatre over a period of 40 years. It was Chase who brought in Nureyev, Kirkland and Baryshnikov - and the book is littered with personal and professional stories of her relationships with these and others. Celebrating Ewing's book were friends and family, as well as patrons of ABT. Some of those in attendance were Blaine Trump, Peter Lynden,Rachel Antonoff, Hamish Bowles and Frederic Fekkai.

    Blaine Trump, Peter Lyden, Muffie Potter Aston

    Peter Gregory, Jamee Gregory    Tiffany Dubin, Susan Fales Hill

    Alex Soady, Kelley Doherty, Luis Colan, Marika Curovic, Jarod Neelan

    Allegra Ouroussoff, Sheila Ewing

    Anne Grauso, Rachel Moore

    Chris Drako, Hamish Bowles

    David Hallberg, Craig Salstein         Daniel Cappello, Joey Lico

    Ferebee Taube, Brook Taube, Karen Duffy

    Jessica Gold, Rachel Antonoff

    Julie Minskoff, Shirin von Wulffen

    Alex Soady, Kelley Doherty, Luis Colan, Marika Curovic, Jarod Neelan

    Kelly Vitko, Jennifer Creel, Karen Duffy

    Keith Bloomfield, Jackie Astier, Mark Mullett, Michael Mullett

    Wendy Fisher, Mimi Bradley, Shelly Wolfe, Brie Wilson

    Kevin McKenzie, Alex C. Ewing