Casa La Femme's Annual Grass Party

by CHLOE POST · July 16, 2010

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    Casa La Femme celebrated its birthday last night by hosting their annual "grass party". Guests were transported on a figurative magic carpet as they entered the unique Egyptian space stepping out on to the infamous grass floor (yes, real grass). The exotic area provided plenty of dance room for belly-shaking and enhanced the feverishly festive mood of the evening.-

    You may be asking yourself what exactly goes down at a "grass party," well.. Casa La Femme provided endless entertainment with their legendary belly dancing Middle Eastern princesses, spiritual palm reading, hookah smokin' and of course classic cocktails. As guests lounged around the sunken dining room enjoying the endless amount of Hookah, belly dancers flooded the floor, gracefully gyrating around the overwhelmingly large fireplace in the lounge.

    Multicolored chandeliers sparkled over the fashionable attendees who included fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone, owner Medhat Ibrahim, Nancy Schuster and Eddie Kass. More reserved guests had the option to lounge under tent-covered tables while they enjoyed the show.

    It is safe to say guests left the birthday bash feeling entranced by the swirling of Egyptian fantasy.. And although it seems like the only one who left with party favors was the belly dancer with dollar bills stashed in her belly chains... The night definitely left guests feeling like they were unstoppable Sultans.