Cate Blanchett Looks A Dream At BAM's Belle Reve Gala

by Chiara Atik · December 4, 2009

    When Cate Blanchett takes a turn on the New York stage, it's a big deal. So big, that BAM had a gala in honor of Blanchett's star turn in A Streetcar Named Desire, which attracted the likes of Anne Hathaway, Alan Cumming, and Phillip Glass.-

    [All photos by JP Pullos for PMc].

    The evening was fittingly themed "Belle Reve", with New Orleans/Streetcar themed tables such as "Dubois Table", "Elysian Fields Table", and "Vieux Carre Table". Guests enjoyed a cajun-inspired dinner on the stage of the BAM Opera House, followed by a performance of Sydney Theater Company's Streetcar Named Desire. After the performance, guests were invited to a dessert reception along with the illustrious fellow attendees!

    Cate Blanchett                                 Anne Hathaway

    Alan Cumming                               Charlotte Rampling

    Liv Ullmann, Joseph Melillo, Karen Brooks Hopkins

    John Turturro                               Audrey Meyer, Danny Meyer

    Joel Edgerton, Tim Richards                   Robin McLeavy

    Michael Denkha, Morgan David Jones, Mandy McElhinney, Russell Kiefel, Gertraud Ingeborg, Jason Klarwein, Elaine Hudson, Sara Zwangobani

    Philip Glass                                     Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Murdoch