Getting Weir(d) At Johnny Weir's Birthday Party

by CHLOE POST · July 2, 2010

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    Johnny Weir (also referred to as the Crystal Enchantress of the Ice) celebrated his 26th birthday last night at Hudson Terrace. Party festivities included fierce posing, being hand-fed cupcakes and drunken lap dances.-

    The ever-fabulous ice-skater and reality star phenomenon celebrated his 26th with some of the cities most fabulous guests at Hudson Terrace's rooftop bar. Richie Rich of Heatherette, hockey star Justin Williams, and fellow iceskater Taylor Toth were all in attendance. There was an abundance of man cleavage,"blurred vision" cocktails by Vision Vodka and fierce posing.

    Johnny was sporting one of his fabulous furs from his "fur tree" and worked the crowd greeting everyone with his infamous "Bambi walk".

    Johnny had more to celebrate than just his birthday, on the finale of his reality show (which aired yesterday) he sorta, kinda "came out" and proved he might actually be maturing... It looks like Johnny will wear 26 very well, as he does everything else. Be Good Johnny Weir, this year is looking up for you!