Greenhouse Hosts A New York Couture Birthday Bash

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 23, 2010

    Birthdays are almost always great, but Greenhouse can sometimes be hit or miss. Does that mean all birthday parties there are destined to be as much fun as a guided pony ride? Not at all! Check out New York Couture's celebration last Friday, for example.

    They had the neon tights. They had cupcakes. They even had tutus. But that's all true to the line's form, seeing as their clothes glue the idea of protecting your body from the elements with the fun and the flirty (and sometimes, even blinding). But above everything, this celebration took every fun birthday party we've ever been to and sent it to stand in the corner for a time out. This one was just that good.

    [photos by Santiago Felipe for metromix]