Naked Painting Party: The Rules

by Chiara Atik · February 25, 2010

    So, you want to host a Naked Painting Party, like the one held last night at the Social Media Exposure (get it?) Party at Gallery Bar, right? Of course you do! Naked painting is the all American pastime! But you should know, it's not just a free-for-all. There are RULES, people.


    We got hold of the guidelines the event organizers sent out before last night's painting orgy. Take a look...

    HELLO nudes!

    Tomorrow night's naked painting party starts at 7:00 pm. Cocktails will begin at 8pm. SHOW UP at 7!! SPACE IS TIGHT!


    1. Leave your expensive stuff at home or in coat check. I or my co-hosts are not responsible for your things. I don't want to hear " I got paint on my Blackberry" Leave it.

    Editor's Note: This was actually not a good idea. According to sources, coat check was a mess, due to the fact that everyone had to check in their shoes, clothes, etc. In fact, if anyone has seen Nick McGlynn's grey Club Monaco coat, he would like that back please.

    2. Please bring cash for the $20 door cover ( percent of proceeds supporting ECO ART SPACE) we do not take credit cards. There is an ATM on the corner how ever. RSVP does NOT mean you are in for FREE! Only press and media.

    3.Bring Crap clothing or a bathrobe and flip flops if you want. bring towels too. No..there are no showers at Gallery Bar..hahah! Enjoy the cab ride home with paint on your ass ...

    The "hahah" seems a little sinister, no?

    4.By entering the venue, you are entering a space that will be photographed and recorded. PHOTOS WILL BE TAKEN AND PRESS WILL BE AT THE VENUE.

    5.NO PAINT THROWING! This isn't Central Park during the universal Water fight. This is art. Pick up a paintbrush, choose a victim and enjoy yourselves. Any one throwing paint or being ridiculous will get kicked out.

    I like the juxtaposition of "This is Art." and "Choose a victim,"

    6. NO PANTSING. This isn't grade school. Let those who want to get naked, get naked on their own... hands OFF! Other wise I will put you in the corner for time out.

    7.DO NOT PAINT THE WALLS. Only paint on the canvases and on bodies The walls are NOT for us to use.

    And that's it! Once participants agree to the fact that if they take their clothes off their picture will probably be on the internet, give them paint and let them have at it!

    [All photos via RandomNightOut]