Nintento Launches New Super Mario Brothers for Wii

by MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG · November 13, 2009

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    Sisters Dabney Mercer and Tinsley Mortimer are fans of Mario. Last night, NYC socials and celebrities revisited their adolescences in celebrating Nintendo's launch of the new Super Mario Brothers. Watch out Princess Peaches; looks like Tinsley's making a move on your man.-

    The gaming took place at the Nintendo World Store in NYC, with guests including Dabney Mercer, Tinsley Mortimer, Nigel Barker, and Kelly Rutherford. For those readers who want to turn back time and revisit their teenage years (although we can't blame you if you don't), Nintendo will be transforming Rockefeller Plaza into the Mushroom Kingdom on Saturday, where guests will be able to talk to costumed characters, play demos, and even purchase the new game early.

    Mario, Kelly BensimonNigel Barker Mario, Kelly Bensimon, Nigel Barker

    Tinsley MortimerSpencer List Tinsley Mortimer, Spencer List

    Mark IndelicatoMatt Bush Mark Indelicato, Matt Bush

    Mario, Rob HalfordKelly Rutherford Mario, Rob Halford, Kelly Rutherford

    Julianne MooreGraham Phillips Julianne Moore, Graham Phillips

    Kelly Rutherford, MarioDabney Mercer, Mario, Tinsley Mortimer Kelly Rutherford, Mario,       Dabney Mercer, Tinsley Mortimer