The HowAboutWe Launch Party Was A Great First Date

by Chiara Atik · April 15, 2010

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    When we first wrote about HowAboutWe in early February, we weren't sure just how well the dating site, which matches up users based on the dates they propose, would actually work. Sure, the concept of thinking up date ideas is fun, but would anyone ever take someone up on the offer? At the site's launch party last night at the SoHo Grand, we found our answer...-

    Among the crowd of founders, friends, family, and business associates were two strangers. ON A DATE.

    Apparently, he had proposed "How about we...go crash this launch party." And she said yes.

    Two hours later, there they were, at the SoHo Grand on a Wednesday night, living proof that dating can still be spontaneous, and even easy.

    The rest of the crowd (while not surreptitiously gawking at the couple on a date--or was that just me? Sorry guys. That was probably awkward.) enjoyed Bacardi cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, while the uninitiated with the site got to play around on computers set up throughout the bar.

    (P.S. APPARENTLY the person who won our Newsletter giveaway is going on his first howaboutwe date tonight...Drinks at the Ainsworth and then a show in the village. Good luck, dude!)