Whitney Port, Olivia Palermo, And The Cast Of The City Attend Opening Of Glitterous

by Chiara Atik · March 24, 2010

    [All images by Jonathon Ziegler for PMc] Zach Hyman And The Shaltzes sounds like the name of a band, but it's actually a photography group featuring  Carrie Shaltz and Zach Hyman, who is making his debut on "The City" this upcoming season. Whitney Port, Roxy Olin and Olivia Palermo all stopped by to support the new castmember at the opening of "Glitterous". -

    Glitterous is a new photography exibit at Chair and The Maiden, which is a collection of photographs taken across the US, mostly nude, often with glitter. The photographs were described on PMc as being "exciting, sexual, free-spirited and always edgy", but nothing the photographers wouldn't want their families to see, as both sets of parents were at the opening.

    Btw, earlier we speculated that Hyman was brought onto the show to be Roxy's boyfriend...well the recently released trailer seems to support this theory, even though Roxy has been dating Alex Lobel for about three months or so.

    Can't wait til obsessive googling leads Hyman's inevitable tween following to these shots!

    [Zach Hyman The Lates Boy(Friend?) Cast On The City]

    Olivia Palermo                            Whitney Port, Roxy Olin

    Phil Shaltz, Carrie Shaltz                 Zach Hyman, Alan Hyman

    I hope this makes the MTV website.

    Carla Webb, Tom Koehler                Kameron Bink, Bree Branker

    Antoine Ohansin, Bianca Kawecki, Todd Bacinich

    Lisa Yom, Shaun Mader               Madison Montgomery, Carlo Romero

    Matt Gurry, Fabrice Armand, Megan Hanford, Brian Reed, Shannon Guttridge

    Shawn Dozier, Cindy Unachukwu  Lisa Salzer, Megan Richer

    Yelena Nersesyan, Natalia Azatyan, Marc Slakmon, Victor Medina-San Andres