Last Night's Parties: Chris Tierney Attends Spider-Man In Themed Back Brace, Gladys Knight Rocks The Waldorf

by Mara Siegler · January 10, 2011

    The Real Housewives were busy supporting fine art and dancing burlesque, Chris Tierney left the hospital and decorated his back brace with Spider-Man stickers to watch the musical that nearly crippled him, Trent Reznor revealed his involvement with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and more! This weekend was action packed!


    Where: CRG Gallery

    Who Was There: Adin David Hixon, Glen McMillan, Arturo Garci, Chip Glynn, Amil Hoos, Valerie Huhn, Tamara Wyndham, Charles Stimson, Peter Griffin, Gioblack Peter, Greg Mitchell

    Other Details: More than 1,500 postcard-sized masterpieces were displayed so that the artists name was not visible and unknown until the work was purchased. Along with this grab bag, there was an auction of of small works by Larissa Bates, Nicole Eisenman, Harmony Hammond, David Humphrey, and Marc Swanson. All proceeds go toward utilizing art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue. [Via]

    Christopher Tierney Attends A Performance Of "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark"

    Chris TierneyWhere: Foxwoods Theatre

    Who Was There: Chris Tierney!!!

    Other Details: Chris Tierney=Dedication or stupidity? The stunt man who suffered a skull fracture and broken ribs, among other injuries, attended the performance in a back brace decorated with Spider-Man stickers and told everyone he plans to be flying in "Spider-Man" again soon. "I'm walking around. I'm here today. I've just got a brace on and, like, life is great.  I still have my faculties and everything else. And I'll be dancing and back in the show soon."  [Via]

    10th Annual New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend

    Where: Times Center

    Who Was There: Trent Reznor, Robert Redford, Michelle Williams, Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright, Ina Garten, Michael Kenneth Williams, Steve Buscemi, Paz de la Huerta, Charles McGrath, Terrence Winter

    Other Details: The Times brought out the stars. Trent Reznor revealed he has been working on the soundtrack for David Fincher’s upcoming Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Robert Redford was glad he attended the 30th anniversary photo shoot for his 1980 directorial debut "Ordinary People." He didn't think anyone would show but everyone did! Michelle Williams discussed the six months Ryan Gosling and she lived together for "Blue Valentine," describing how they did everything together, "except for the nighttime stuff." Bummer.  [Via]

    New York Foundation For The Arts Event

    Where: Private Residence

    Who Was There: Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Simon van Kempen

    Other Details: The Real Housewives of New York headed out to support Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen as they hosted this event. They posed for photo ops, as is necessary for their survival. and then talked about what artwork they would love to buy, forgetting for a moment they are all bankrupt or close to bankrupt from mismanaging their fiances in an effort to keep up with the reality TV Joneses. Then they went home, drank a bottle or two of pinot and watched reruns of Season One, crying over a simpler time. In the morning they awoke to do it all over again with....[Via]

    Sonja Morgan's Show Me Your Best Burlesque

    Where: Empire Hotel

    Who Was There: Sonja Morgan, Anna Rothschild, Dr. Brent Ridge, Robert Wynne Parry, Tina Hillstrom, Brian Farrell, Lady Lilliana Cavendish, Anthony Haden Guest, Mark Dean, Paola and Arnold Rosenshien

    Other Details: It was a busy weekend for the housewives! Themed "Fishnets, Feathers and Flesh," Sonja Morgan showed up in a white swan number designed by Project Runway's Chris March. Guests were served  crispy rock shrimp, truffle goat cheese, mini-Maine lobster rolls, tuna tartare, lamb chops, brisket and tuna sliders to satiate their appetite before watching the Bravo star do a burlesque dance. [Via]

    9th Annual JIC GEM Awards

    Jennifer HudsonWhere: Cipriani 42nd Street

    Who Was There: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Hudson, Joanna Coles, Lloyd Boston

    Other Details: Jennifer Hudson showed off her 80 lb weight loss, looking super skinny at the 9th Annual JIC GEM Awards. Dr. Jeffrey E. Post, Curator of the U.S. National Gem and Mineral Collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, walked away with the GEM Award for Lifetime Achievement and Marie Claire accepted the GEM Award for Journalistic Excellence. Neil Lane will received the GEM Award for Jewelry Style. [Via]

    Kat Deluna Hosts Steven Levine's 30th Birthday Party

    Where: CV Lounge

    Who Was There: Kat Deluna, Steven Levine

    Other Details: Kat Deluna and publicist Steven Levine hit CV after stopping by Bowlmor Lanes to pose with balls in the gutter. Their night no doubt got better. [Via]




    24K Club Banquet

    Glady KnightWhere: Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria

    Who Was There: Gladys Knight, Russell Simmons, CEO for Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Andrea Hansen

    Other Details: Jewelry-industry types congregated at the Waldorf (along with Russell Simmons and his girlfriend Heidi Allende) to enjoy a fancy evening that included a special performance by Gladys Knight. [Via]