Last Night's Parties: Stars Head To The Theater, The Onion Talks TV

by Mara Siegler · January 14, 2011

    Alan Cumming rubbed elbows with Cynthia Nixon as they watched a man perform in drag, Nora Ephron celebrated the 500th time love has been defined by sartorial choices, Sarah Jessica Parker hit Lincoln Center with Andy Cohen, and more. Last night things got high-brow.


    Where: Lincoln Center Theatre

    Who Was There: Stacey Keach, Thomas Sadoski, Stockard Channing, Elizabeth Marvel,, Linda Lavin, Alfred Uhry, Elaine Stritch, Fisher Stevens, Fran Lebowitz, John Benjamin Hickey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Laura Benanti, Steven Pasquale, Stockard Channing, Stacey Keach, Andy Cohen

    Other Details: The 'you can't go home again' play stars Stockard Channing and Stacey Keach. Thus far, it's getting glowing reviews. Sarah Jessica Parker popped by with Andy Cohen. How much fun must these two have? Total gigglefest. SJP's show Work of Art: The Next Great Artist is on Bravo, but I think she could take RHONY to the next level. Carrie Bradshaw vs Ramona Singer in a duel would be ratings gold. [Via]

    Opening Night After Party for "The Importance Of Being Earnest"

    Where: Roundabout Theatre

    Who Was There: Cynthia Nixon, Charlotte Parry, Sara Topham, Tim MacDonald, Santino Fontana, Dana Ivey, Sara Topham, Brian Bedford, Charlotte Parry, David Furr, Alan Cumming, Sherie Rene Scott, Charles Strouse, David Pittu, Roger Rees, Victor Garber

    Other Details: Oscar Wilde's play is back on stage with Brian Bedford dressed in drag as Lady Bracknel. The last time Mr. Bedford played a woman was 62 years ago, when he was the Virgin Mary in a school pageant so you know, he has practice. [Via]

    "LOVE LOSS AND WHAT I WORE" Celebrates 500th Performance Party

    Alexis BledelWhere: 320 W 46th Street

    Who Was There: Alexis Bledel, Anita Gillette, Nikki Blonsky, Judy Gold, Pauletta Pearson Washington, Delia Ephron, Nora Ephron, Judy Gold, Anita Gillette, Nikki Blonsky

    Other Details: Have you seen "Love, Loss and What I Wore" yet?  A ton of people have with the play celebrating it's 500th performance last night. I've been and let me tell you Nora Ephron's "I hate My Purse" essay that's included in "I Feel Bad About My Neck," performed onstage by a varying cast of talented actresses is hilarious. It's true that the state of your bag=who you are. [Via]


    Image in Cart

    Where: Chair and the Maiden 22nd

    Who Was There: John Dabu, Anton Kandinsky, David Zelikovski, Alexa Winner, Karen Biehl, Matt Wayne

    Other Details: The art crowd came out last night for CATM Chelsea. They shaking up the traditionally established community with Kandinsky's La Roulette en Rose; the world according to Kandinsky a.k.a. Pink Zuckerberg; all said and done Pop is Simple. He uses monochromatic pinks and past and present icons.

    IFC Hosts a Special Lunch Panel Event With ONION NEWS NETWORK Anchors

    Where: The Paley Center for Media

    Who Was There: Evan Shapiron, Jim Haggerty, Tracy Gill, Tucker Hope,  Jonathan Alter, racy Gill, , Jennifer Caserta, Brooke Alvarez

    Other Details: Everyone's favorite fake news company has a new show on IFC that is a parody, more or less, of CNN, but without Anderson Cooper. "We're trying to take the Onion comedic brand and to translate it into video as we did first on the Web, and to take it to a large audience and to make people smarter as a result," says Hannah, the company's CEO. Good luck to them!