No matter who you voted for or what your reaction was to this long, divisive, and quite frankly ridiculous presidential race, I think we can all agree that we're tired. If you were up until the wee hours to wait out the final results and hear President Elect Donald Trump's victory speech, you are physically worn, maybe emotionally drained. You may have argued with people you respect, friends, loved ones who have different views than you, and of course that probably isn't over. But we live in a country where beauty lies in our freedom to disagree and to use our voices, however opposing they may be. Many are saddened by this outcome, many are relieved, and it is up to us to carry on, fight for what we believe in, and keep America as great as it has always been. If you need some help, click through for some moving words and broadcasts, from Stephen Colbert to David Remnick, that can help you feel (at least) a little bit better.

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