Miranda Hobbes For Governor?

by Eliza Solomon · August 8, 2017

    The Sex and the City actress, Cynthia Nixon, who played the queen of cynicism, lawyer Miranda Hobbes, might be taking on a more political role this upcoming year. The actress is reportedly considering running opposite Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2018 as a primary challenger. 

    The star of the hit '90s TV show had previously spoken out against Governor Cuomo's policies towards education. On The View in April, Nixon spoke, saying that “Basically, Cuomo is shortchanging the children of New York state,” and that “he is not against public schools but he doesn't like to pay for them.” The actress also compared Cuomo to President Trump's secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, claiming that Cuomo's policies were dangerously close to those of DeVos, policies that would "shortchange" the children of New York state and the state's public schools. 

    Nixon made all her opinions clear in an op-ed she wrote in March. But while she may be a fan favorite and her character, Miranda, might be a pop culture phenomenon, her political career may not be as successful as we would hope for since Cuomo is still the strongest candidate in the upcoming 2018 elections. 

    “Governor Cuomo has the strongest progressive record of any elected official in this country—period—and we look forward to building on that record in the third term,” Bill Mulrow, Cuomo's 2018 campaign chairman, told the Wall Street Journal

    If Miranda Hobbes becomes Governor in 2018, can Samantha Jones become President in 2020? As scary as that is to imagine, she would at least make a much better President than the one currently sitting in office. 

    [Photo via HBO, @cynthianixon]