Why binge watch The O.C. to get your fix on the drama of those who are both terribly rich and just full-on terrible when you can just turn on C-SPAN these days? Even though it seems like Scaramucci is more of a fan of The Hills since he's jocking LC's lines. We mean...

Wow, who knew this dude was aspiring to be such a basic bitch? Well, he did buddy up with the queen bee who uses a ton of fake tanner and weaponizes social media, so that makes sense. 

Anyway, yet another member of the Trump administration got fired, and he lasted for a whopping 10 days. That's harsh, but hey, that's a long time to endure the ordeal that is breathing the same air as Satan and his minions. Don't cry because it's over buddy, smile because you don't have to risk being an accessory to treason or whatever effed up illegal stuff is going on with those guys. In any case, here are some basic bitch things that lasted longer than basic bitch Scaramucci in office!

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