Ground Zero Mosque Critics: We Are Sorry, Justin Bieber

by Mara Siegler · January 4, 2011

    Justin BieberAndy Sullivan, one of the most active critics of Park51 and founder of  9/11 Hard Hat Pledge, has extended an apology to Justin Bieber after calling a boycott against him on Facebook. Why ban The Biebs? Why say sorry? Have we all gone mad with fear of terror?   

    Excerpts of an interview with Bieber that were supposedly published in a legitimate bastion of teeny bopper journalism and amazing source for posters to hang in your locker, Tiger Beat, had the pop star proclaiming his support for the community center. After being alerted to it, Sullivan told WYNC that his two children were no longer allowed to partake in the joy that is "One Less Lonely Girl."

    "My little girl took down his poster and said she didn't want to have nothing to do with him anymore. These are my kids. They're living this thing," he told Salon.   Sullivan even set up a Facebook page to promote a public ban on the new, wholesome, fresh face of evil.

    However, no such article was actually in TB, reports Mediate. The site that published the supposed quotes,, is a satirical site like The Onion. Now that Sullivan has been alerted to this fact, he has written a public letter of embarrassed and ashamed apology for automatically believing anything Bieber-related found on the Internet is true. And of course, for thinking that a teen with such awesome hair could have said “Christians are lame-o-rama." Sullivan has clearly not read First Step 2 Forever.

    "I offer my most genuine apology to Justin Bieber his family and his fans. If I have caused any grief or pain I am terribly sorry," it reads. Salon has the rest, HERE.

    Sullivan may not know it yet, but if the story about the behavior of hormonal girls ages 10-17 with Bieber Fever proves true, he is getting like, so many rage-filled Tweets, emails, and angry phone calls. Selena Gomez, who may or may not have kissed Bieber, is receiving death threats.

    Sullivan messed with the wrong people this time. Totally. For sure.