Judge Holwell Likes Fat People.

by guestofaguest · September 13, 2007


    [Photo from NY Mag]

    Mayor Mike Bloomberg (pictured above) likes food...he just knows when to stop eating and wishes that you would too.

    Yesterday, Federal Judge Richard J. Howell threw out the rule that would make NY fast food restaurants post their calories up, a rule that Mayor Bloomberg has been so keen on passing he is already working on ammending the ruling. “Anyone who thinks we’re going to walk away from trying to tell the public what they’re eating and what it’s doing to them doesn’t understand the obligation this city’s Health Department has.” (from ny mag). So maybe Bloomberg is a little off his rocker on this one, but we are still on his side. Maybe if this law passed here, it would motivate more cities around our country to follow and we wouldn't have such fat asses everywhere.

    Seriously, enough is enough. Whenever we have an occasional cigarette we have to put up with hearing people bitch at us for being retardarded, this after having to stare at a blatant reminder on the pack that we are, in fact killing ourselves. We have to see billboards and listen to campaigns all the time about how alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and sex will destroy us, and yet the fact of the matter is, more people are dying of obesity related issues than ever before. 58 million Americans are overweight, 40 million are obese, and 3 million are "morbidly obese" (think Maury Povich shows with bed sores and cranes). 8 out of 10 of American's over 25 are overweight, and we don't even want to look up the statistics on the rise of child obesity because it will ruin our morning. There is absolutely no more excuses. Obsese people need to shape up...literally.

    We want everyone to know what they are placing in their bodies at all times, just as a smoker would. The arguement that these places already have the information out there available (online, etc.) is not a valid one. Obviously the people that are in the most need of this aren't the types that are being pro-active on their own about information regarding food. What a great city we live in that our mayor cares enough to try and promote guilt trips in ourselves to better our health.