I may not be able to explain to you what a meme technically is, and I may not even know one when I see one, but I do know that Michael Bloomberg's latest ad campaign move is hilarious as fuck. Suddenly, Mike 2020 has turned into Meme 2020, with Bloomberg tapping over 18 of the nation's most followed meme accounts for a little screentime. Each post is a screenshot of the memers conversation with the Presidential hopeful, in which he plays the role of insanely out-of-touch older man desperate to skew younger. Whether or not this bold move will be effective, who knows - but damn am I loving it.

I've been on the Michael Bloomberg campaign train since before there was one, so clearly I need no additional convincing. But that's not to say that I haven't had critiques on how I've seen his team handling social so far. Not going to lie, I just didn't see how a post like this was pushing the needle forward, you know? But for a candidate who is constantly being discussed for his insane self-funded budget to launch an ad campaign solely reinforcing the hilarity of that fact, never mentioning a single platform point, is so frivolously brilliant. Mocking Trump's bizarre love for and focus on creating viral content, by his aloof ignorance.

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