So, there's a lot of buzz about the midterm elections happening on November 6th. First off, what the hell are the they, who's running, and does it have to do with the President of the United States? These are the questions on the minds of many twenty-somethings who are deciding whether or not they want to actually cast a vote this year, but the answer to that question should always be YES. 

Here's the lowdown: the midterm elections are held for voters to choose new members of Congress in addition to which party (Democratic or Republican) will have majority rule in each chamber of Congress for the next couple of years, so while it doesn't have anything to do with electing a new president, it does set the tone for how our current president will reach decisions with other government officials.

Whether you want to volunteer on election day or learn more about your local candidates and where they stand on issues important to you, these online resources will help you make an informed vote!

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