New York City VIPs Get Front Row Seats For The Inauguration

by KENDRA SEAY · January 21, 2009

    [Joe Biden,  Julia Allison, and President Barack Obama]

    Is there an event or party that these New Yorkers can't get into? Apparently not, since while we were watching Tuesday's festivities on our television they ditched NYC's Inaugural soirees to hang out with the country's favorite V.I.P.  Julia Allison kicked it with Malia and Sasha, Kristian Laliberte and Devorah Rose had front row seats for the big speech, while Emily Brill and our best friend DBTH left Park City in time to join the millions in D.C. Even our very own Stanley Stuyvesant wagged his tail all the way to Washington to give a big woof to our new Pres.

    More photos below...

    Can you spot Stanley dogging around in the crowd?

    How about Devorah Rose? Looking very sharp in purple!

    Rachelle Hruska with her new GuestofaGuest-ers

    Can You find Kristian Laliberte?