Paging Tracy Flick: Jakob Lodwick On Line One

by MADDY MADISON · June 13, 2008

     The New York media arena is saturated with many of the usual suspects. Jakob Lodwick, Julia Allison's ex, is no exception. As a founder of Vimeo and all-around publicity-leech, Lodwick is no stranger to taking the mundane and shaping it into something, if not useful, than at least interesting. Like some of you, I'm somewhat behind on my campaign blow-by-blow for the upcoming Presidential battle. And, for once, I am thankful for the overabundance of time on Jakob's hands as he has finally put it to good use in posting The Democratic Primary in 8 Minutes. Note the Mount Rushmore-like feel to the video's opening sequence and remember, if you're at work, it's even better to watch the yammering politicos with the sound off. Resist the urge to punch the screen.