Ron Paul Down, But Not Out

by guestofaguest · January 7, 2008

    Ron Paul

    Although Ron Paul has broken the single-day record for campaign fund-raising ($6 million dollars), got 10% of the republican vote in Iowa, and has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers across the country who have created a massive viral surge in support across the internet, he has been snubbed by Fox News in the next televised debate. Even Fred Thomspon who faired worse in Iowa was invited.

    But Paul fought back hard holding his own televised forum in New Hampshire. And of course the irony of Paul not being invited is that he will most certainly gain more traction from Fox's decision and the subsequent outcry. The New Hampshire GOP has already pulled their support from the Fox debate. In the internet age, even candidates who aren't pushed by traditional media outlets certainly seem to be able to find their voice.

    [Houston Chronicle]