Rudy the Traitor

by guestofaguest · October 25, 2007


    It looks like Rudy Giuliani failed to realize that Baseball is not a place for compromise. More specifically, the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry. He recently voiced his support for the BoSox in New Hampshire, while trying to shore up votes. Though he used the excuse that he is a fan of the American League and wants the AL team to win, it simply doesn't cut it. Any, and we mean ANY support for the Sox's is tantamount to treason in New York.

    Rudy Giuliani

    We would certainly expect these tactics from the carpet-bagging Senator from Arkansas (Yes, Hillary is a Yankees fan and a Cubs fan), but Rudy should have known better. After an embarrassing debacle involving his daughter showing support of Barack Obama on her Facebook profile, Rudy certainly seems ripe for this kind of criticism...