The Best Thing Mr. Bush Has Done For Women In 8 Years!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 16, 2009

    "Say Good Bye To Mr. Bush"

    Your Mr. Bush that is.  This ad for Townhouse Spa and Beauty Bar, showcasing their 40% off a bikini or Brazilian wax is the best inaugural promo advert email newsletter we've seen yet.  Townhouse Spa, on 56th street in NYC, a "classy" place, accurately identified a Bush issue that maybe Republican and Democrat women can all agree upon. In fact, as Chris said, this may be the first good thing that Bush has done for women in 8 years.

    And in a down economy, creative risqué non-partisan advertising is the way to go.  Why appeal to only one group, when you can reach all kinds of women?  And why stick to boring, stale advertising, when you can link politics with personal grooming?  Yes, "Good bye Mr. Bush.  Hello Mr. Obama."