Senator Minority Leader Malcolm A. Smith At Mario Palumbo's

by ERIC SPEAR · July 9, 2008

    Senator Minority Leader Malcolm A. Smith

    "When Something is Right, It's Easy to Do..."

    Political enthusiasts gathered last night at the Battery Park Ritz-Carlton residence of Mario Palumbo to listen to the inspiring words of Senator Minority Leader Malcolm A. Smith. This wonderful man spoke of how ALL minorities should be treated with equal rights and promised that it is his agenda to make it to the Majority Leader seat (just 2 seats away) and pass legislation to legalize gay marriage in the state of New York. Why is this so epic? If this happens, New York will be the first state to legalize gay marriage through legislation rather than through court battles.

    Smith also addressed the need for a united state rather than this up-state/down-state mentality that separates New York City and Albany. He declared that we need to function as "ONE NEW YORK!" And reassured the group the the majority of the "problem democrats" that oppose the issue of gay marriage are being hushed to appease the conservative community, but secretly do support the equal rights proposal.

    Smith charismatically finished his speech by explaining that this WILL happen eventually and thanked supporters everywhere for advancing his political career quickly. Stating that "when something is right, it's easy to do..."