The Comeback Kid, Reminding Us How Un-Revolutionary We Are

by guestofaguest · January 9, 2008


    Last night was a good night for Hillary Clinton supporters as she made a major comeback (along with Republican candidate John McCain). Watching Mrs. Clinton thank the crowd of supporters over and over (and over) again, we were left thinking two things (besides wondering who it was she kept furiously pointing at) it's not fair how much better men age than women, and our country is extremely sexist, more so than racist.

    The point of this post is not to support Hillary Clinton. She, however, serves as a reminder of the fact that over 50% of our country's population has been extremely misrepresented in politics. The United States has always been seen as a country of PROGRESS. We are progressive, we are sooooo revolutionary, etc. etc. The fact is that Pakistan, a MUSLIM country, a country that we would think would be light years behind us had a woman leader before us. Argentina, Great Britain, and a host of even "underdeveloped" countries have had women leaders. And we are not just talking about a woman president. Here are some more facts:

    -Women hold 86, or 16.1% of the 535 seats in the 2007 Congress with only 16 of those serving in the Senate.

    -1,735 women made up state legislators in the U.S. last year, which sounds like a lot, but out of 7,382 positions, it is a meek 23.5%.

    Remember that, women make up more citizens in this country than any other group including race. Would Obama be a nice change because of his color? Of course he would. But the fact is we as a country have and continue to SEVERELY misrepresent the majority of our citizens. Why? We think the main reason is that the majority of our country is represented by the strong conservative middle, made up of Americans growing up with June Cleaver's in the kitchen. We fear that many of the citizens that fail to support women rising in politics here are women themselves. The issue goes way beyond Hillary, and is one that is likely going to take years to equalize. So, call us pilgrims, call us a democracy, and call us God-fearing people, just don't call us revolutionary.