The One Day Iowans Get to Feel Special

by guestofaguest · January 3, 2008

    iowa’s youth

    [Photo from ABCNews]

    All eyes are on Iowa today in what, as what, Metro News Reporter Jared Neumark points out will be the "Last day anyone will give them a thought."  It's true though.  Why the hell would the beginnings of what will decide on the future leader of the free world be given to people who wear corn cobs as hats at football games, and think's that Macaroni Grill is the ultimate adventure in fine dining?

    "We might as well throw darts at a map for other important national decisions.  South Dakota-you've got abortions.  Mississippi-gay marriage.  Social Security reform? your call, Lake Erie" -Jared Neumark

    Pretty funny how things work in this country huh?  The fact is, this is probably most likely the best way to do things.  In Microtrends, the book we recently posted on, Mark J. Penn illustrated a shift that has occurred among voters in this country.  It seems that the "well off" voters in places like Boston and New York pay more attention to a candidates personality, looks, and charisma than the "common folk" in the middle of the country; who are now the one doing their research on the actual policies that make up the candidates' campaigns.

    Midwesterners are more likely to be educated on the real issues than us.  Sounds completely unnatural, and yet if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  THEY are the ones that will be most affected by changes in health care and taxes, they are the ones that will really have to worry if there is no social security for them, or if their 80 year old mother needs to be put in a nursing home.  They make up the backbone of our country, work the land for us, and milk our cows, so that we can enjoy our cheese platters at the Ritz and our glutton free bread from Whole Foods.  Good for them that they have the future leaders of our country paying attention to their every move, eating with them at Applebee's and sharing coffee at the local diner.

    Also, "noncandidate-who-we-are-dying-to-become-real-candidate" Bloomberg had answers to all of the tough questions yesterday at a bipartisan group meeting held in Oklahoma .  Here dozens of major Republican and Democratic leaders "spelled out their plans to create a 'government of national unity' to end the gridlock in Washington" (Washington Post).  Is Team Bloomberg EVER going to finalize???