VOTE! Encouragement From Oper8tor

by MIKEL MCCOY · May 22, 2008

     Well not to get too personal or to start preaching, but I wanted to use this forum as an opportunity to stand on a bit of a soapbox if you will. Unless you live under a rock and even then. You all know that in a matter of months it will be time to elect a new president. No matter how you feel about this current administration and it's policies they will be out of the halls of power next year and a new administration will be charged with directing our country for at least the next four years.

    I've heard many intelligent and what I would consider thoughtful people balk at the idea of voting…cause it doesn't count or matter. WHAT? For real dudes that's a bunch of mess talk right there. So you don't have to vote for the same person I'm going to vote for, but just vote. I mean isn't this what all the veterans died for to keep our democracy going?