Oh, the cost of being a woman. Besides the fact that you've an emotional faucet of feelings and physical discomfort turned on one week out of every month, you're constantly bombarded with unrealistic airbrushed expectations, in many communities still considered a second-class citizen, and on the whole are paid less for the same work your male colleagues are doing, it turns out there's another price put upon the privilege of womanhood. 

Chances are you're not walking back and forth between aisles in Duane Reade, cross checking the price of your razor or deodorant or shampoo with the exact same brands in the men's section. But, if you did, you'd find yourself an unknowing participant in the Pink Tax. You see, it turns out that everyday products specifically designed or marketed to females (from pink toys for little girls to pink canes for older women) are often priced at a premium in comparison to men's products. Which. Is. Crazy. In fact, it's estimated that the average woman is charged an extra $1,351 every year just for being a woman. 

During the month of April, European Wax Center is doing their part to spread the word and urge women to claim their worth with their #AxThePinkTax campaign. Visit their site to understand just how much you've been charged, and all the easy ways you can help!

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The average woman is charged an extra $1,351 every year, just for being a woman. Yup…for real. #AxThePinkTax. - It may be #AprilFoolsDay, but the Pink Tax is no joke.
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Click through for some totally true, totally ridiculous statistics, and real life ways to think of all that money you've been swindled out of.

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