#CuomosMTA – Fixing the MTA

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are being held because of train traffic ahead. We will be moving shortly.” Every New Yorker knows this “shortly” could be one minute or 20. You have no choice but to sit there, because you’re trapped. And now you’re late for work. 

Nixon, a frequent subway rider, has had enough and wants to stage an “emergency rescue.” Trains run at a slower speed than they did in the 1950s; delays have increased by more than 200% since 2012; and the subway has the worst on-time performance of any major transit system in the world. You don’t gotta tell a New Yawkah twice. 

Nixon says that Cuomo has neglected the MTA for his whole tenure, making only “cosmetic” changes, like adding Wi-Fi and digital displays. The could-be democratic candidate says she will be making the transit crisis a top priority if elected. Her plan is to begin with fixing the 1930s-era signal systems and the hundred-year-old tunnels. We always knew there couldn’t be “train traffic” ahead if we hadn’t moved in 525,600 minutes (did you catch that, RENT fans?).

[Photo via @cynthiaenixon]

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