It’s almost not entirely surprising that Cynthia Nixon, known for her role as Miranda Hobbes, a high-powered, headstrong, and determined lawyer, on Sex and the City, would enter politics. I guess Cynthia and Miranda have many things in common. 

Unlike some other celebrities who have entered politics, Nixon seems to know the issues. She has more than 17 years of experience with activism for LGBTQ rights and education. And her candidacy should be taken seriously; she’s already giving the incumbent, Governor Cuomo, a headache. She has questioned how much of a democrat he actually is and points out that “unlike Cuomo,” she rides the subway every day, a point she makes to show New Yorkers she sympathizes with their commute struggles. 

Though she did not secure the democratic nomination at the NY Democratic Convention, receiving only 5% of the votes to Cuomo’s 95%, she can still get her name on the ballot for the NYS primaries on September 13th by gathering at least 15,000 signatures from across the state - so she’s definitely still in the race. 

Here are Nixon’s top five issues you should know about before the primaries so you can better decide if you’ll be an Andrew or a Cynthia (even if you already know you're a Carrie).

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