What NYC Socials Think Of The Presidential Results

by Rachelle Hruska · November 5, 2008

    So what do the NYC most social think of last night's election results? We have been on the phone, on facebook, email, and text all morning to get some of our favorite "guests" reactions. We have several socials so far...send us yours to be added!

    Kelly Cultrone (from People's Revolution and "The Hills"): "I am so excited! I travel all over the world and have felt embarrassed to be an American until today. I was literally thinking that I could not do another four years of this party. For the first time in my lifetime, I am seeing our president and his beautiful wife together and am so proud."

    Lydia Hearst: "Today is a proud day for America. I just wanted the best candidate in the job and I am in full support of Obama. Like anyone I am excited for change! I think its exactly what this country needs and wants. As far as Palin not making it into the Whitehouse, I just want candidate in the job regardless of age, sex, or race. I do think John Mccain and his administration would have done a fine job but I am also very optimistic about the next four years."

    Steve Lewis: "Taking WC Fields lead, I voted against the people who I didn't believe in. Sarah Palin is everything that was wrong with the Republican party, and our country in general. She is a disgusting b*tch."

    Peter Davis:"I'm of course thrilled Obama was elected and not surprised he won. But the victory is bittersweet as Proposition 8, which is hateful, was passed in California. LA is my second home, my adopted city so it really stings as I couldn't vote there (I voted in my hometown NYC). With this crippling loss, it's now even more of an uphill battle for gay rights and thus human rights. I'm disappointed in the Obama campaign, the media, Hollywood and myself for not doing more to insure that Prop 8 would not get passed. I'm hopeful that Obama will wake up and address the basic rights of gays. The only good thing that came out of Sarah Palin's laughable VP bid was that the divine Tina Fey stole the show and hit a home run."

    Jules Kirby:"Its really disappointing that Sarah Palin will not be holding slumber parties with handmade teddies in the White House"

    Kelly Will:"Barack Obama ran a near perfect campaign and convinced voters that he would be the catalyst for change. We did what he asked, we believed in him and voted him into office and now it is his turn to carefully begin plugging away at the laundry list of promises he made. He is a charismatic man, has a gorgeous family and I believe is smarter than anyone knows. He'll have started working as soon as he stepped off the Grant Park podium. It is so exciting and nerve wracking to sit back and wait for the greatness we want and need!John McCain was a victim of association to the Republican party and a hugely unpopular president in a time of serious economic downturn. His campaign was flawed, skewed too negative at times and made him look desperate. However, John McCain is an honorable man and has served our country proudly his entire life. He would have made a fine president. I have great respect for him and I truly loved his concession speech.Sexy Sarah will continue to touch us...mark my words. She will have a TV deal before we can say President Barack Obama. Her success, tabloid coverage and skills on SNL will be too much for some network to miss.

    Brittany Mendenhall: "I did not think in my lifetime a black president would be elected. I've experienced racism in New York City, of all places, so I never thought the rest of the country would elect a person of color to the White House. My prayers are with the Obama family. Barack has been given a phenomenal opportunity by the American people and I believe he will rise to the challenge."

    David X Prutting: "I think Barack Obama will be a GREAT president and exactly what this faltering yet wonderful country needs. Barack Obama is someone who will fight for what he believes in, has conviction, has a head on his shoulders, thinks for himself but will seek help around him when need be. He has inspired people, he has broken barriers that in the past could never have been imagined. He has a passion that's undeniable, an energy and spirit that is contagious, he commands respect and attention. Michelle Obama like the African American- Jackie O, a beautiful first lady, sure to help women of all colors around the world. .I have been numb for years past, today I feel hope, today I see a new direction, today I feel emotions that have been buried for too long, today is the beginning of a better future. Lets go get it.I hope people will start to unite for one cause ---AMERICA--- and I hope our youth will start to take this world seriously, to do our part. Don't sleep walk through this life, make a difference, leave your mark. But don't forget to pick up your trash!When the work is done we will go party with Guest of Guest."

    Stephanie Wei: "I was optimistic that obama would win, but i was actually delightedly shocked by the margin."

    Tia Walker: "I wanted Barak Obama to win the Presidency but never TRULY thought about how I would feel once he WON...I am super proud to have witnessed such an historical day."

    Gregory Littley:On Obama's win: "I've never had a more positive outlook on our country's future than I did this morning." On Palin: "I hope she doesn't go away, she's to entertaining to be ignored. Sarah should hook up with an agent and get a talk show- the branding opportunities are endless. Woman like her, just not enough to vote for her. Though not cougar status (yet) give Palin a few."

    Keith Lissner: "I believe that the election results indicate that the citizens of the U.S are far more sophisticated then we are given credit for. Not only here, but abroad. And I personally could not be happier! We can all rest easy knowing that Sarah Palin will be back in Alaska keeping an eye on those crazy Russians from her backyard.I sincerely can't believe it. However, for the first time in the past 8 years I can say that I am truly grateful to George Bush. If it weren't for him and the hell he put us through, Americans might not have been ready to elect such a progressive candidate as Barack Obama."

    Tara Church: "I'm just so happy! I feel like the clouds have parted and the world is brighter, safer, better. Obama is a once-in-a-lifetime leader who will reclaim our country but the thing I'm most grateful for is that Sarah Palin will be several thousand miles from the nuclear launch codes! That was like an electoral Bay of Pigs"

    Devorah Rose: "It's a victory that will impact the entire world. We are proving yet again that we are a nation where an individual can triumph through hard work and perseverance. A friend of mine was recently in Kenya and an African man told him, "If Obama wins, it will be the best thing to ever happen to black people anywhere. It proves that anything is possible." God bless America - a beacon of light and hope."

    Scott Buccheit: "The joy I felt when Barrack Obama won was indescribable. When he said that America is black or white, man or woman, gay or straight, it sent shivers down my spine. Unfortunately that joy was tainted when I woke up in the morning to find that Proposition 8 had been passed in California. If gay marriage can be banned in California, a state that includes Los Angeles and San Francisco, what hope is there for the rest of the country. And with all the other problems this country faces, to see people spend tens of millions of dollars to take away a basic right, is just heartbreaking...."

    Nicholas Rhodes: "I had chills during Obama's speech and I woke up so proud to be an American which is a feeling that I haven't had for a very long time. I am really excited to see it all unfold! Palin looked like a sour puss!"

    DJ Nick Cohen: "I choose to stay out of political discussions and elections because I do want to justify legitimate organized mafia..."

    Douglas Marshall: "Was Palin planning on living in the whitehouse or was she going to dock her trailor in the back yard of the WH"

    Paul Johnson Calderon: "I am very proud that we have come together as a country in support of change. Isn't it just a miracle to be a part of this generation? Although we aren't progressing at the speed of light, this is a definite start. Thank the good lord that awful backwoods beauty queen isn't going to be anywhere near the white house!"

    Nick Raynes: "I think that the election results will represent a positive change in our country and peoples attitudes. I am proud to have Barack Obama as our president and this marks a very historic and monumental time for the American people."

    Kristian Laliberte: "When we were watching the "Yes We Can" speech after Obama took to the stage, someone at the small election night party I attended remarked, "this is something our kids will have to learn in 5th grade." I could hear the screams of joy all down Houston and despite my 101 fever I ran out with my friends to an impromptu post-election rally on Ludlow and felt like I was part of history. My only pressing concern is the unbelievable fact that Proposition 8 may indeed be made into law. While there are many votes still uncounted, I have goose bumps thinking about the incredible hate and bigotry that still thrives in pockets of our amazing country. I am all for allowing people the right to their opinion, but I cannot countenance enshrined discrimination into CA's constitution. Everyone should be able to realize their hopes and dreams and marry the person they love. It blows my mind that the Church of Latter-Day Saints continues to spend millions of dollars to try and make me a second class citizen. After carefully reading their tenants, I think that poverty, homelessness, and anti-genocide should benefit from the spirit of "Mormon Charity" NOT my right to "be" with the person I love. Obama has broke a huge barrier yesterday. Let us not forget that there are still more leaps to be made in the fight for equality. One day very soon I hope to be able to marry the person I love right here in New York City."

    Nur Khan: "I'm thrilled with the election results. This is a beautiful moment in history !! Not only for America, but for nations around the world. It will changes the way America is perceived on from a global standpoint. We're looking at a new world leader...."

    Kerry Cassidy: "Well, I don't know that I have anything that controversial to say; obviously the election did not turn out the way I would've liked. I believe McCain was the more experienced candidate and the better choice for president. I did not, however, completely agree with his choice for VP. Regardless of how I feel, the president has been chosen , and like my dad said before the results were in "whoever wins, they will still be our president". I never appreciated people that spoke out against Bush the whole time he was in office, its important to have an opinion and to stand behind that, but there comes a time when we must unify and stand strong as one country under the flag, we are all standing on the same soil.Also, I really cannot stand it when people say that a certain outcome will cause them to leave the country.. everyone that said that during the Bush administration is still here, please, if you are so outraged, pack your bags. Ill believe some change when I see it."

    Eli Mizrahi: "I'm not a big fan of the president-elect however I love his confidence. I'm just looking forward to see what the new term brings."

    Abigail Lorick: "I am currently working on Fall 09 in India; so honestly I feel a bit disconnected from the election. Of course I voted before I left. Everyone here in India is so excited about Obama's victory. I think the whole world is happy with the election results. I have gotten multiple emails from friends and family in the U.S. commenting on the energy shift in the country. They say it feels lighter, more positive, and truly represents how far our country has grown. I am personally so excited. I think this change is just what we need. I am thrilled."