Why Bloomberg Should Be Our President Round Two

by guestofaguest · December 19, 2007

    mayor bloomberg

    [Photo from Gothamist]

    We have written candidly of our love of all things Bloomberg and now, a recent press conference has gotten our hopes up once again.  Though he has repeatedly told the public time and again that he WILL NOT be running in the next presidential election, we are ever the optimists.  As reported in today's Sun:

    "If I was going to run, I know exactly who to go to," he said yesterday at City Hall. When pressed later to specify the people he was referring to, he refused to name them. "Why would I tell you? Are you out of your mind?" Mr. Bloomberg said, snapping at a reporter. "If you have a real question that's serious, I'd be happy to answer it."

    Smart AND Sassy.  We love.  We also are in love with the Green Cart Program that he is currently proposing that would give 1,500 new permits out to fruit and vegetable cart vendors for neighborhoods where healthy food consumption is low.  And we thought forcing up nutrition labels was drastic!  This guy wants us healthy and happy....doesn't world peace have to start on the local level (maybe we SHOULDN'T share him with the rest of our country. Hmmm?). We still think him and Hagel would be a perfect pair.