9th Annual MIAAC Film Festival Opening Night

by EMILY HOLLANDER · November 12, 2009

    David Kaplan, Aroon Shivdasani[All photos by Shaun Mader for PMc]. Last night, the Indo-American Arts Council kicked off its 9th Annual MIAAC Film Festival at the Metropolitan club following the New York premiere of the movie Today's Special at the Paris Theater.-

    Today's Special, inspired by Aasif Mandvi's play "Sakina's Restaurant", is a heartwarming food-comedy set in New York City.  The festival which features exceptional Indian-American Films runs through Sunday, November 15.  Visit MIAAC's Film Festival for more information on the films and their screening locations.

    David Kaplan, Aroon ShivdasaniDavid Kaplan, Aasif Mandvi, Jonathan Bines David Kaplan, Aroon Shivdasani, David Kaplan, Aasif Mandvi, Jonathan Bines

    Anadil HossainDavid Kaplan, Gregory Korostishevsky Anadil Hossain, David Kaplan, Gregory Korostishevsky

    Rahul BoseLynn Phillips, David Kaplan Rahul Bose, Lynn Phillips, David Kaplan