Harrison Ford And Keri Russell Screen "Extraordinary Measures" In New York

by CATHERINE PERIDIS · January 22, 2010

    Harrison Ford, Keri Russell and Brendan Fraser attended the Cinema Society's special screening of the trio's new film 'Extraordinary Measures' Thursday night. Helping host the event was the family who's story inspired the movie: John and Aileen Crowley and their three children.


    In attendance were Brooke Shields, Gerard Butler, Tony Bennett (!!), Adrien Brody, Olivia Palermo, Lorenzo Martone, Roxy Olin, Charlotte Ronson, Amy Sacco and Debbie Bancroft. The film was screened at the School of Visual Arts. Guests then continued the celebration at the Bowery Hotel where DJ Alexander Dexter-Jones spun for additional guests such as Neel Shah, Kate Greer, and Donna D'Cruz.

    Gerard Butler                                Brooke Shields

    Harrison Ford, Megan Crowley, Keri Russell, Brendan Fraser, John Crowley, Aileen Crowley, Patrick Crowley, John Crowley Jr.

    Beth Rudin DeWoody, Debbie Bancroft     Andrew McCarthy

    Johannes Huebl, Olivia Palermo          Georgianna Robertson

    Tony Bennett                                 Steve Guttenberg

    Roxy Olin                                           Julian Lennon

    Caroline Pires                                  Julie Henderson

    Adrien Brody, Gerard Butler

    Lorenzo Martone, Andrew Saffir                Jason Rogers

    Kim Cloutier                                       Jay Sean

    Kiera Chaplin                              Keytt Lundqvist, Alex Lundqvist

    DJ Alexander Dexter-Jones, Charlotte Ronson

    Tim Morehouse                     Yvonne Force Villareal, Donna D'Cruz, Amy Sacco

    [All photos by Billy Farrell for PMc].