Mario Batali Hosts "Fantastic Mr.Fox" Party In Tribeca

by Chiara Atik · November 9, 2009

    Mario Batali hosted a party and a screening of "Fantastic Mr.Fox" at Tribeca Cinemas on Sunday to benefit the Mario Batali Foundation. Famous friends brought their adorable kids, including Helena Christensen and Tom Colicchio, whose baby is ridiculously adorable.


    Guests were treated to a live musical performance by Dan Zanes, former 80s rocker and current baby/parent music sensation. One can presume that with both Batali and Colicchio present, the food was pretty out of this world, too. The one thing that could have made this event better? An appearance by the ultimate fox, and voice of Mr.Fox himself, George Clooney. But he doesn't really seem to be the kid-type.

    Helena Christensen                                  Dan Zane

    Mario Batali                                    Tom Colicchio, Baby Colicchio

    Look at the BABY.

    Dan Zanes

    One more shot of the BABY!

    [All photos via Getty].