"South Of The Border" NY Premiere

by AVERY SPOFFORD · June 22, 2010

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    Monday night marked the New York premiere of Oliver Stone's "South of the Border," a controversial film focusing on South American politics and accompanying American media misconceptions.

    "South of the Border" premiered in fall of 2009 at the Venice Film Festival and continues Stone's long record of politically-minded films ("Platoon," "Looking for Fidel," "JFK").

    During the making of the film Stone road tripped across five countries in an examination of the revolutionary transformations taking place on the continent, interviewing an array of elected presidents (Cuba's Raul Castro and Cristina Kirchner of Argentina, to name a few). "South of the Border" showcases these changes while striving to clear up what the director sees as America's undue villainization of South America and its political leaders, especially Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

    Premiere guests, including Albert Maysles, Mickey Rourke, Marisa Berenson and Gigi Stone, took in a screening at Cinema 1 followed by an after party at The Monkey Bar in Midtown.