Question Of The Day: Over-Exposed Celebs And Non-Celebs

by Chiara Atik · August 6, 2009

    [PC and Jessi from NYC Prep. Photo by PPG]. You open your morning paper (or, who are we kidding, your blog reader) and they're THERE: what they said, what they ate, where they went, what they wore. You couldn't care less because you actually hate them, but they are inescapable. Our question of the day today is:

    If you had the power to erase one celebrity (or non-celebrity) from New York nightlife/media coverage, who would you choose?

    Leave your answer in the comments, and click more for ours....

    Although there are so many people we'd like to see permanently erased from people's blogs, papers, and minds, the kids, nay, the children, of New York City Prep are the front-runners. Why are they throwing tantrums outside of clubs when they don't get in? Why are they in fashion shows, at parties, in the Hamptons, in the Lower East Side? Don't they have school? Don't they have parents? Don't they realize that we're laughing (more like cringing) at them, not with them? People who are famous just for being themselves are obnoxious, but teenagers who are famous just for being themselves are the worst.