And You Thought YOUR Roommates Sucked: Man Discovers Stranger Secretly Living In His Apartment

by BILLY GRAY · December 11, 2009

    If you've ever cursed your cramped bedroom, this video should give you hope. Apparently, this New Yorker found that some food had mysteriously gone missing from his fridge...-


    We've all been there. However, the camera he set up in hopes of catching his live-in girlfriend in the act revealed a more unsettling culprit.

    Alright, this footage is probably fake. As the astute YouTube commenteriat pointed out, you can see the sneaky stowaway fidgeting in the background as the tenant sets up his spycam. They also note than in the words of Minna Unchi, everyone poops, and that bodily function would be way harder to conceal than pissing in the kitchen sink. And who hasn't done that? Also unlikely is the fact that someone living in a crawlspace would reach for the milk carton before emptying the apartment of all its alcohol.

    Real or not, the video taps into some primal New York fears regarding imperfect living situations and unwelcome house guests that go way beyond the usual roach and rodent variety.