Bushwick No Longer Safe For Hipsters...

by BILLY GRAY · February 12, 2010

    ...Or at least for hipsters living in a trailer park. In Bushwick. Complete with a chicken coop. Anyway, the FDNY has raided the latest trend in bohemian living!

    The Fire Department demanded that plucky creative underclass tenants vacate their makeshift premises. No word yet on the condition of the abandoned poultry, but for crissakes think of the hipsters!

    One (probably emaciated, most likely flanneled and definitely tattooed) tipster told Daily Intel that upon entering the warehouse-cum-My Name Is Earl set, firemen were perplexed:

    "They were like, 'Why is there a trailer park, with chickens?'"

    Fair question. But the incident also makes you wonder where these artsy folks might head next. Over the past year or so, Brooklyn's young and the feckless types have made headlines with a wide array of unorthodox living and recreation spaces: floating artist communes, dumpster poolsbedbuggy lofts and luxe Williamsburg condos turned squats.

    The list goes on and on. But what options remain? The crumbling old smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island is gloomily appropriate. Trailer park evictees could also stay in their beloved borough and camp out under the Coney Island boardwalk, Warriors-style. And the bowels of the Staten Island Ferry would be ideal for a nature artist.

    But if these won't do, Beatrice Inn is still vacant these days.  And we're sure the neighbors would be thrilled to have the company.

    (Photos via NYMag and NYP)