Harvey Weinstein Sells West Village Townhouse For $25.6 Million

by Millie Moore · March 28, 2018

    Between bankruptcy, divorce, getting fired, and the neverending cascade of bad press against him, Harvey Weinstein has had a brutal eight months. And honestly, we can't think of anyone who deserves it more (besides Trump, of course!). Cry us a river.

    Since firing Harvey, The Weinstein Co. has filed for bankruptcy. Harvey, in the meantime, offloaded his West Village townhouse at 13 Bank Street for $25.6 million to a mysterious buyer called Cheget LLC (whatever that means). Earlier this year, he also sold two waterfront Connecticut properties for $16 million, as well as a house in Amagansett in January. 

    So it sounds like Harvey is basically homeless now. But where oh where could a subhuman piece of shit live now? Somewhere isolated and off the grid where no one has heard of him, like Abbottabad (hey, that's where bin Laden went into hiding!). Or maybe rehab for at least a year, because we all know he lasted, like, a week last time. 

    Or better yet, maybe he can go live at Riker's. Because, like we said before, he fucking deserves anything bad that comes his way. Don't drop the soap, you Jabba the Hut looking sociopath!

    Anyway, it is a nice house.

    [Photo via StreetEasy]