Michael Dell (As In The Computer) Buys NY's Most Expensive Apartment For $100 Million

by Christie Grimm · February 23, 2018

    Well, well.. Quite an expensive mystery has been solved today. A real, real estate whodunnit. 

    Back in 2014, the record was claimed for most expensive home purchased in New York, with $100.47 million dropped on a six-bedroom, six-bathroom, penthouse duplex in the notoriously pricey building, One57. But the identity of whose deep pockets would call the place home? Unknown.

    Today, however, FOUR YEARS LATER, The Wall Street Journal has let us know that the lucky, wealthy man is none other than Michael Dell. As in, Dell computers. The married father of four (perhaps you've seen his daughters boulder of an engagement ring?) has a net worth of $23.2 billion. So all in all, this apartment? Barely a dent on the bank statement.

    And you know how you can tell? Apparently right after the sale, an acclaimed Texas-based firm of architects was contracted to renovate the place. So yeah, if your first thought after you buy a $100 million apartment is "let's gut this shit," you're going to be okay in life, forever.

    [Photo by William Edwards/AFP via Getty Images]