Sarah Jessica Parker To Own The West Village, Basically

by Christie Grimm · June 15, 2017

    Sometimes, one brownstone just isn't enough. And with a closet as full as the former Miss Carrie Bradshaw's must be, why, of course you'd need to combine two townhouses just to make due! Honestly, two is probably cutting it close even! Back in 2016, Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick purchased two properties at 273 and 275 West 11th Street. As one can imagine, that set the pair back a pretty penny, with a final bill of $35 million. And while their reps originally shutdown assumptions that they'd be combining the homes, it seems the secret's out.

    Aside from tearing down the partition between the two separate buildings, reports claim that the soon-to-be megamansion will also be receiving a complete gut renovation. All in the pursuit of a dream home for the family of five we suppose! Just a stone's throw from Magnolia Bakery, this setup will be a sweet deal in more than one way for sure. 

    But, let us not forget that Parker already resides in a West Village townhouse. And with the Carrie Bradshaw brownstone facade still bringing in the hoards of iPhone snapping tourists, it seems SJP is basically the new Marc Jacobs, setting up Monopoly properties all over the neighborhood. Yet again, girl's living the ultimate New York dream. 

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