SJP's New Digs: Will She Really Give Up The Eight Bedrooms?

by Sun Kersor · January 13, 2011

    Ohmahgah. Though we all thought Sarah Jessica Parker had settled on an eight-bedroom duplex at 88 Central Park West, turns out she has another trick up her sleeve?

    Though the Observer had reported that Parker and her hubba-hubba hubby Matthew Broderick would be moving to the luxurious CPW digs, that deal never came to fruition.

    But Curbed found the listing today.

    Turns out, the listing agent, Cindy Kurtin, is marketing the place in an either or scenario: an eight-bedroom $21.5 million listing (SPJ and MB balked at) or a five-bedroom pad with $18.25 million.

    Eager to see how this turns out for the family? Will she live the Carrie Bradshaw dream?