The New Rehab Center For The Rich: Hamptons Gets "Passages"

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 26, 2011

    "Mo' money, mo' problems," goes the eloquent adage, so why shouldn't the Hamptons have its very own recovery haven to kick the addictions of the rich?

    As the Observer notes, fresh off the news that Minnesota's Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center is set to open a rehab center in Tribeca,  The Wall Street Journal noted the clinic Passages is opening a Hamptons off-shoot.

    Passages, which has California retreats in Malibu and Ventura, has, as the Observer notes,

    "one-fifth of its clients come from the New York metro area, and about 75% of them work on Wall Street or have loved ones who do."

    It thus seemed logical to bring a rehab center to the hub of the problem-addled geographic area. where folks can get a quick fix when the market plummets.

    The drab weather, though, poses a problem:

    "One major stumbling block to opening on the East Coast is the dismal weather. 'It's easier to heal in an environment where it's beautiful every day,' said David Kaiser, chief marketing officer for Passages."

    So, maybe the Hamptons would be most effective in the summer afterall--what with the recovery in a sunny champagne shower or a carnival pool party.