The Plaza, Solitary Confinement For The Nouveau Riche

by Stanely Stuyvesant · February 18, 2008


    [Juxtaposing an empty reality (left) with images (middle, right) from Click image for fullsize]

    The Mega Rich: They're just like us! They want nosy neighbors, companionship, a sense of forced community, and awkward wine and cheese parties. But at the plaza residences, money might buy you a pied-à-terre with breathtaking views of the park, but it won't save you from the loneliness that suffocates its handful of full-time residents. at the Plaza, some say they find themselves longing for a nod from a neighbor by the elevator, a hello in the lobby, a friendly wine and cheese gathering. Like anyone else, they long for a community, albeit a community of the megawealthy. [Sunday Styles]

    But if you look at pictures from, the pictures have so much photoshoping lighting that it looks like Radio City Music Hall!

    With the Plaza having been ravaged by new money jet-setters, we do pity the poor (not literally) folks who fell for the massive billboards invoking familial values, namely a mother daughter relationship, or better yet Eloise.


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    Unfortunately for them they won't be finding Eloise, Weenie, or her turtle Skipperdee anytime soon.